Samsung ranked second in Q2 2022 tablet shipment

The need for Portable devices is unexpectedly grown in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. And this sudden need basically affordable computing devices are hitting the industry more than ever before, now the tablet market has subsequently been back to its normal mode in recent quarters.

Although considering the global demand then it has been gradually falling down with respect to the last year or so. However, some major vendors are visibly nice positioned comparatively to those others to stop the bleeding and reportedly even increase their sales figures repeatedly again after certain disruptive factors are disclosed.

The factors continue to consist of an uncertain pandemic crisis, as well as “mounting macro-economic pressures” and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And unfortunately, the short-term impact is expected to be crucial, which comes with a much more challenging” second half of the year as predicted by Strategy Analytics.

Is the market falling in Q2?

Surprisingly enough, the answer to this question completely relies on the fact of who you ask, with the aforementioned market research firm estimating a pretty steep 15 per cent down in worldwide shipments compared to those of last year’s second quarter and Q2 2022, and also as per International Data Corporation (IDC) tracking a microscopic gain of 0.15 per cent during the same period.

Reportedly it has been hitting a fairly large difference between quarterly sales of 38.9 and 40.5 million units respectively, and altogether both analytics companies unsurprisingly rank Apple at the top of the vendor chart. Strategy Analytics firms are considerably overestimating Cupertino’s numbers compared to the IDC.

It has been estimated that Apple shipped either 12.6 or 14.8 million iPads in total in the period of  April – June 2022 timeframe for a dominant market share of either 31 or 38 per cent respectively, which clearly depicts that it losing either 2.9 or 7 percentage points in terms of year-on-year sales.

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Samsung ranked second in Q2 2022 tablet shipment

Samsung is not doing great

However, the fact that recently characterizing the high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series as a commercial success. Unfortunately, the global tablet market’s silver medalist player has surprisingly registered a double-digit shipment decline from Q2 2021, whereas the Tab S7 family was already getting long in the category.

Samsung tablets which fairly steep drop this year has undeniably added to an overall year-on-year fall of 21 per cent for Android-based tablets. On the other hand, Google’s OS is down below 50 per cent for the first time in a decade whereas iPadOS getting dangerously close to a 38 per cent slice of the pie. Although Apple certainly is the sole hardware-making defender of its in-house software platform.

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