Reason to choose Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra over Google Pixel 6 Pro

Undoubtedly, talking about Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro, then both the smartphones are the flagship of  Samsung and Google at this point. On one hand, Samsung tries hard to be the best with respect to its One UI version whereas Google enhances its Pixel series in terms of features over stock Android.

Now here we tend to find out the key differentiator, as both Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro are the flagships of their own brands, so both of them have edge-to-edge competition in terms of features, design and price tag as well.

Both have a zoom camera and an ultra-wide camera enriched with a lot of features, in addition to a regular camera. In contrast, the zoom camera is particularly one of the unique identifiers, primarily for exclusive higher-end device range. Although the segregation is in terms of its zooming capabilities or how far one can zoom which vary smartphone to smartphone.

Considering Samsung then its little fade off from last three years with the spread of a lot of Chinese smartphone brands offering hell advanced features in low pricing comparative to those offered by the Korean brand. Samsung continue to offer zoom cameras on its flagship devices for nearly from last six years, and with the addition of its Galaxy S Ultra line range, it’s been offering a whopping 100x zoom competence on its top-of-the-line phones. While declaring to be the best one between the Galaxy S Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 continues to outrage, then certainly Ultra 100x zoom is a significantly marked to add value.

Notably, the Google Pixel 6 Pro offers more or less the same optical zoom sensor as one in Galaxy S20 Ultra- 4x actual optical zoom, while the rest is a mix & merge of the sensor’s megapixel count, optical zoom, and digital zoom respectively. While Google limits you to a maximum of just 20x magnification, whereas Samsung lets you go crazy with 100 times magnification using the same camera. Certainly, this factor makes it the most outstanding one out of the two.

And because the difference is huge in terms of magnification capabilities as 20x seems to be the old one now, and sometimes doesn’t make sense especially when we talking about flagship phones.

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Since Samsung definitely brought up more with the up-gradation of its UI skin on top of Android from time to time, but at the same time it actively cuts off features from its flagship phones. Of course, Samsung also charges you a higher price for its Ultra phones, but in return, you’re getting some unique extras in exchange like S Pen support on the 2021 and 2022 Galaxy S Ultra phones, which earlier you got on note range only.

On the other hand, some people have the notion that Samsung lagging behind the still picture quality to that of Google (in terms of price factor) with the main camera, but it doesn’t seem like the difference is huge. Samsung provides a better balance o camera specs as well as features, and this is something which also helps customers in picking one between the Galaxy S22 series or Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, irrespective of the price tag they offer.

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