v13.0.00.43: Samsung Home Up now supports One UI 4.1.1

Samsung updated its Home Up application with the latest version and the latest upgrade supports One UI 4.1.1. Samsung Home Up basically enhanced the One UI Home experience.

  • Use various layouts on the home screen, apps and folder.
  • Diversify background Blur effect.
  • Page looping in Apps.
  • Recommend folder names
  • Customize folder popup styles and layouts
  • Restore home screen layout
  • Edit Share-via window
  • Customize recent app window type

Samsung Home Up Version Support One UI 4.1.1:

  • Fixed the number error of Direct Share
  • Disable the Favorites Maximum Count menu on the Tablet device (up to 14 are supported by default)
  • Fixed some errors
  • Fixed the display error of folder after S OS upgrade in Tablet
  • Increased the maximum number of favorites to 12 in the Foldable device.
  • Fixed the layout error of app folder after S OS upgrade in Tablet
  • Add two kinds of layout (Vertical List / Slim List)
  • Support Mini mode (only for List / Grid / Stack list type)
  • Add Circular list mode (only for Vertical List / Slim List)
  • Provide quick launch of split screen on recent app
  • Fixed ‘Task Changer FC’ by handling unavailable types

[New Features] – One UI 3

Task Changer features are integrated to experience better visual interaction(VI).
Please keep the latest version of One UI Home.

Task Changer first starts with the prepared type (Grid/List/Stack).
We have advanced the original schedule for March and provide the completed function.
We will open the rest through app update at the end of March. Thank you 🙂

– Support One UI 3
– Fix One UI Home F/C in Tablet
B&R feature will support only after upcoming One UI Home update, so please wait until then.

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[New Features] – Since One UI 2.5
Share Manager is now available. Use Share Manager to comfortably organize the sharing window.
You can place apps that you use often to the front of the sharing window and hide features and apps that you don’t need. You can hide items such as shared data info, Nearby share, and Direct share and only show apps of your choosing in the sharing window.

– Hiding shared data info/Nearby share/Direct share: You can hide these items from the sharing window.
– Direct share bookmark: You can show, hide, or change the location of direct sharing contacts.
– Choosing apps to share: Manage shared apps that are shown in the sharing window.

Download the latest Samsung Home Up Application APK:

Samsung Home Up Apk

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