Samsung Chromebook getting the Chrome OS 102 update

Samsung Chromebooks have finally grabbed the Chrome OS 102 update. The all-new update carries the USB Type-C cable alerts and ease of use while using ZIP files.

If you are missing the Cursive app compatibility so now you don’t need to worry about it. This new software update also makes laptops compatible with those apps to keep notes.

The Chrome OS 102 update now shows if the USB Type-C cable that you connected to your Chromebook supports display output.

The update also brings the ‘Extract All’ option to ZIP files. Now, the Extract All feature makes the whole process easier. Chrome OS 102 also allows resizing the zoomed-in portion of the display.

The Cursive note-taking app is now rolling out to all Chromebooks, including Samsung’s. Google says that the PWA (Progressive Web App) will be installed automatically on all Chromebooks that support a stylus.

Samsung Chromebook

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