Samsung Galaxy S22 phones are running slow when playing games

Samsung is a well-known company to makes products according to the user’s requirement but if there is any problem occurring while using its products, users come forward and post much news on social media.

Now some Galaxy smartphone users are now facing reports, if you find that the new Galaxy S22 in your hand has the best hardware, but the performance when playing games is not very good, now it seems that this is not Exynos 2200 / Snapdragon The 8 Gen 1 has poor performance, and the real culprit is Samsung’s GOS (Game Optimization Service), which kills the performance of the phone’s CPU and GPU.

South Korean YouTuber Square Dream confirmed his findings with a little trick when he renamed the popular benchmarking app 3D Mark to the game Genshin Impact’s name “Genshin Impact” and found that just changing the package name led to the benchmark scores a substantial decline.

Just run the game and the GOS will launch and there is a long list of apps that meet the criteria for “game”, which was posted online by Twitter user @GaryeonHan.

According to a post on Naver, Samsung appears to be aware of the issue and is actively investigating it . An official announcement should come soon, though Samsung shouldn’t explain too much about killing gaming performance for no reason.

Samsung Galaxy S22 phones are running slow

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